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Are you looking for your next new home in Sacramento County?  Do you want to get the highest price for your current house?

If you are interested in real estate around the Sacramento Area, this website has all the tools you need. There are plenty of single family homes that could fit your needs.  You want a real estate agent on your side who can show everything that Sacramento can offer. Get a broker that can get negotiate the best price for your house. I am the helpful realtor that has experience from all around; from East Sacramento to Tahoe Park and back to West Sacramento.

I have helped clients all along the Sacramento River and American River for over 15 years. However, no two family's needs are alike. If a Midtown Sacramento townhouse is what you are looking for, or a Downtown Sacramento condominium is more your speed, there are many beautiful places to see. I can comfortably walk you through the details of anything that you may run across; REO (foreclosure), short sale, condo, residential multi family, home loan, etc. 


Thinking about making a new investment?

You have your retirement portfolio set to invest in the market; find out if it is a good time to invest real estate. As we all know, diversification can significantly protect your exposure to risk. An investment property is an excellent source for building equity and receiving tax breaks. You can also have a cash flow with the purchase of a rental property. Even commercial real estate can have returns that you may not find in a more traditional retirement portfolio. Contact me to find out what options may help you and your family.


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